Scholarship Program

We have extended the MIEA Scholarship deadline for applications for 2020/2021 to July 15,2020!


The Michigan Indian Elders Association (MIEA) is pleased to announce that it will make available  (3) $1000 scholarships and (6) $500 scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to at least nine qualified students with the $1000 scholarships being awarded to top 3 qualified student, as determined by committee review and lottery, if necessary. Each student must be currently enrolled in a course of study at, or have a letter of acceptance from, a public college or university or technical school and must meet the following qualifications.

QUALIFICATIONS – the student:

•  Must be an enrolled member ( copy of tribal card ) or be a direct descendant of an enrolled member of one of the MIEA constituent Tribes/Bands ( must be verified in writing by your tribal Enrollment Department ).

•  Must have successfully completed and passed all five General Education Development (G.E.D.) equivalency tests with a minimum score of 40 and an average score of 45 and must possess a G.E.D. certificate; or must have graduated from an accredited high school with a 3.00 grade point average; or if currently enrolled at a college, university or trade school, must have an accumulated grade point average of 3.00.

•  Must, except for special and extenuating circumstances, attend college, university or trade school on a full-time basis.

•  Must complete the provided application form and submit it with required supporting documentation and the mailing must be RECEIVED BY THE COORDINATOR postmarked no later than June 15, 2020. (PLEASE NOTE, incomplete or late applications will not be considered).

An application form can be downloaded by clicking here. The application can also be obtained from the tribal education department of each of the constituent Tribes/Bands.

The following students were awarded scholarships for the school year 2020/2021:

  • Trevor French, Sault Ste. Marie, $1000
  • Stephanie Miller, Little Traverse, $1000
  • Kaitlynn Hamann, Sault Ste. Marie, $1000
  • Jacob Shallow, Sault Ste. Marie, $500
  • Trace Gagnon, Lac Vieux Desert, $500
  • LaTerra LeBlanc, Bay Mills, $500
  • Keegan Sweeney, Sault Ste. Marie, $500
  • Justin Williams, Pokagon Band, $500
  • Mikayla Dettman, Sault Ste. Marie, $500

Current constituent Tribes/Bands are:


     A Student Incentive Program is being offered by the Michigan Indian Elders Association (MIEA) to recognize students who achieve all “A’s” for a marking period as well as students who achieve perfect attendance for a marking period.

     There will be a minimum of $3,000 available to fund this program this year. An award of $25 will be made for each qualified entry up to the minimum available funds in the program. In the event that the number of qualified entries exceeds the funds available, the winners will be determined by lottery.


  • The student must be an enrolled member or be a direct descendant of an enrolled member of one of the MIEA constituent tribes/bands.
  • The student must be in Grades 1-12 at a public or private school.
        Home schooling is not eligible.
  • A student must be in Grades 4-12 to qualify for the straight “A” award (A-, A, A+).
     Perfect attendance means exactly that. A student must be in school or at a school      sponsored function each day of the marking period. Excused absences for anything other   than a school sponsored/approved function do not constitute perfect attendance
  • The first two (2) marking periods ONLY of the 2018/2019 school year will be used to determine the winners for this lottery.
  • A student can qualify for both the perfect attendance and straight “A’s” for both marking periods. For example, straight “A’s” and perfect attendance for both marking periods would mean four (4) chances to win.


  • A parent of the student must complete and sign the Student Incentive Program Application Form in order for the student to qualify for an award.
  • A copy of the child’s report card signed by the parent or a letter from an administrator of the student’s school must be submitted with the completed application form to verify the achievement of straight “A’s” and perfect attendance.
  • A copy of student’s or parent’s tribal identification card.

    The drawing to determine the winners will be held at the April 2019 Conference of the Michigan Indian Elders Association.

                                                                                                                          **VERY IMPORTANT**

    You must follow these directions for your child to be considered for an award. The completed application form (included with these instructions), a signed report card or verification letter of achievement from a school administrator and copy of the student’s or parent’s tribal identification card must be received or postmarked no later than March 22, 2020. Applications received/postmarked after March 15, 2017, will not be accepted; no exceptions. Please send the aforementioned documents to:

    LeAnn Stindt
    103 Big Bear Road
    Iron River, MI 49935


Application forms can be downloaded by clicking here, or from your tribal Education Department.